S.M.E.A.C. Consulting
Mike Murphy
Four years in the U. S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, spending three of those years attached to U. S. Marine Corps ground units. Served with the 7th Engineer’s Battalion, Third Marine Division in Viet Nam.

46 years experience as a front-line Paramedic, 42 of those years with a metropolitan 911 ambulance service. 10 years experience as an Operations Supervisor with a 150-paramedic service responding to 40,000 emergency calls annually.

Helped to pioneer the concept of incorporating civilian medics into law-enforcement tactical teams. Created, trained, and, for 10 years, led the Medical Support Team for the Minneapolis FBI SWAT team. Veteran of numerous operations with that team including complex, multi-agency operations nation-wide.

Specialties include comprehensive medical support of law-enforcement tactical teams, all-hazard medical response to multiple-casualty incidents, medical support of dignitary-protection details, and integration of EMS resources into public safety response to natural or man-made incidents.