S.M.E.A.C. Consulting
Steven Blackwell
Steve Blackwell is a law enforcement professional with a broad base of knowledge and experience. He served on the Minneapolis Police Special Operations Division SWAT unit for 17 years as a member of the high risk entry team. Working as both a team member and team leader he conducted over 2000 high risk police operations including high risk warrant service, hostage rescues, and armed barricaded subjects. He performed dozens of presidential security details and VIP visits as the counter assault team for the Secret Service, performed over 100 civil disturbance operations including the ISAG confrontations (International Association of Animal Genetics), the 2008 Republican National Convention confrontations and numerous anti-war protests and marches. He also spent time with the special operations patrol team; a community focused, intelligence driven, directed policing team dedicated to street crime suppression based on community needs.  

As a narcotics investigator Steve managed over 200 investigations leading to convictions of offenders and the seizures of weapons, monies and illegal drugs. By developing and implementing “full circle” policing concepts he assisted in developing intervention strategies for the victims and vulnerable persons of these narcotic investigations to better their lives through teaming with other public service agencies to provide new housing, adult education programs, child care programs, drug counseling and other services to these vulnerable members of the community.  

Steve is also a 15 year veteran of the U.S Army. He served as a protective services agent for the US Army Europe Provost Marshal special operations unit, conducting close protection operations as a team leader for the (COMSFOR) Commander of Stabilization Forces in Bosnia/Herzegovina; General William Ward, and General Virgil Packet. As a close protection operator, he performed over 150 high risk protection details throughout the former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe for the COMSFOR, UN Secretary General, European Union commissioner, visiting high ranking NATO military general officers, Former US president Bill Clinton, The US secretary of Defense, Secretary of the ARMY and numerous other international diplomats and military leaders. Steve also spent 2 years in Iraq while on active duty as the commander of a Combat Escort Team, providing escort missions throughout the Iraqi theater of operations.

Currently Steve is the Chief Deputy of the Pine County Sheriff’s Office (MN) with 110 employees in the Patrol Division, Jail Division, Support unit, Special Operations unit and Emergency Communications Center where he focuses on maintaining public safety through community focused, victim oriented, team policing.  

Steve specializes in consulting on SWAT operations, tactics and training, counter-narcotics operations, close protection, security operations, police administration, tactical leadership and crisis management.