S.M.E.A.C. Consulting
SMEAC Consulting Members
Here is a list of our pre-vetted professionals.  Please go to each member's individual page to see a detailed bio and more specific information about their areas of expertise.
Allen Garber
*Army Ranger Officer
*FBI Supervisor
*SWAT Team Leader
*Police Chief - Champlin, MN
*US Marshall
*DNR Commissioner - State of MN
Steve Gilkerson
*Marine Corps Officer
*FBI Agent
*SWAT Team Leader
*Police Officer

Ted Boran
*Marine Corps Veteran
*Police Officer
*SWAT Team Member
*Police Chief - Albany, MN
*Firearms and Tactics Instructor
Tim Dolan
*Training Commander
*Precinct Commander
*SWAT Team Commander
*FBI Academy National Graduate
*Police Chief - Minneapolis, MN
Dustin Salomon
*US Navy Force Protection Officer
*Certified Protection Professional
*High Threat Security SME
*Firearms and Security Instructor
Larry Yatch
*Combat Decorated SEAL Officer
*CEO of Sealed Mindset
*Technical Surveillance SME
*Firearms and Security Instructor
Charley Massey
*Combat Decorated Marine Officer
*International Sales Experience
*Combat Arms Instructor
Jason Falconer
*Police Officer
*Firearms Instructor
*Police Chief - Albany, MN
*President of Tactical Advantage
*Law Enforcement Instructor
Steven Blackwell
* SWAT Team Member
* US Army Protective Agent
* Narcotics Investigator
* Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy
* Protective Security SME

Dan May 
* Police Lt. - Minneapolis, MN
* Canine Specialist and SME
* SWAT Team Member
* Narcotics Supervisor
* CRT Commander

John Kirkwood
*Police Officer, Lincoln, NE
*Special Agent US Secret Service
*Counterassault Team Leader
*Presidential Protection Member
*Special Agent in Charge, Minneapolis
*Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy
Mike Murphy
* US Navy FMF Corpsman Veteran 
* Ambulance Operations Supervisor
* Paramedic
* FBI SWAT Medical Team Leader